Providence, Rhode Island Real Estate


The city was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams, the English political leader, and theologian who fled religious persecution in neighboring Massachusetts and settled the city with a policy of religious and political freedom. Alongside its rich history and vintage architecture, Providence has a creative and cosmopolitan character thanks to demographic diversity and a cadre of top colleges and universities that draw thousands of students each year.



Economists at considered at former tendencies, housing and economic data for the 100 largest markets in the country to conclude which cities would be considered “hot spots” next year, by expecting prospect home sales and rates.

Providence is at the topmost of the list and Boston ends up in the top 10.

Eyewitness News interviewed with an expert, who said Providence’s Real estate market is due for a burst of progress – to some degree that could be worthy news for those considering to purchase or sell.

“It’s Rhode Island’s period, and it has been for a span of time however for whatsoever reason no one’s observed it,” said real estate agent Martone.

Martone and other previous presidents of the RI Association of Realtors said Providence’s utmost assets are its locality between Boston and New York and its reasonably priced homes.

All around, from the standpoint of a good real estate market in overall,” he said. “(It’s) a popular town and people want to be in Providence, they truly do.”

If you’re in the marketplace for a new home, look no more than the city of Providence.

“We’ll have a pleasant, solid real estate marketplace and you’ll be able to get a nice home in Providence and the adjacent towns for reasonable money at a wonderful interest rate,” Martone said.

Looking to buy or sell in Providence, Rhode Island?  Contact me today!




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